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  • is a fully fledged responsive platform. We use the latest technology in web design and utilize bootstrap tech giving users a pleasant experience whether you buying or selling.  You can sell or browse on the go on your phone, tablet, laptop or widescreen. The platform automatically adjust to your smartphone and listing process is a breeze. You can do everything on the go on your phone hassle free. Join today and start selling or browsing.
  • Currently our main sections are: Boats Engines Services We will be adding the following new sections: Charters  Boat hire with bookings online via or linking your listing to your business website. Boat share syndication for the yacht dealers and brokers If it floats you will find it on here. Stay tuned for more info.  
  • The Feature will provide our users with an alternative way to pay for the services offered on our site and is designed to help facilitate the payment process. Users who are just starting on our site will probably not want to purchase an expensive membership plan. Alternatively, purchasing a certain number of credits to pay for some specific services may be a more convenient way to get to know our site better. A pay-as-you-go credit plan is designed to help users purchase a certain number of credits and spend them gradually as need arises. With the Plugin activated, our customers no longer have the need to connect to the payment gateway to pay for a service; instead, they may use the available credits to buy it. In front end, the user may view and select a credits package by navigating to "My packages" in his profile. Having selected the desired credit plan, he may proceed to purchasing it by using any of the available payment gateways on our site. Having this Plugin on our site greatly expands and facilitates users’ payment process by providing them with easy-to-use and convenient payment options.

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